China Ceo. A Case Guide For Business Leaders In China

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CHINA CEO: A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China Some Western business leaders are moving into China without any clear knowledge of the many pitfalls they will encounter: the weak rule of law, forceful governmental intervention, a scarcity of managerial talent, the likelihood of counterfeiting, the fast paced business environment and surprisingly aggressive local competitors

As a result, this book will help you get better prepared to face the varied challenges you will find in China

Each case focuses on a specific topic and is complemented with commentaries from professors and executives who have extensive front-line experience in China

It also includes more personal experiences concerning the many challenges of expatriate-living in China , some of whom have started their own businesses

The authors' philosophy is that readers can learn most effectively through the experience of others captured in real cases! The book includes a broad range of companies, such as Emerson, Eli Lily, General Motors, Peugeot, Carrefour, Daimler-Chrysler, Picanol

The book provides concise but insightful analysis to help readers to get the most from the case studies

The cases are the product of three-year research and are well-tested in MBA and executive courses

These cases complement the material presented in a previous work, China CEO Voices of Experience from 20 International Business Leaders, also published by John Wiley Sons.

This book uses case studies to both illuminate and examine these key managerial challenges

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